Artificial Intelligence for Business Monitoring

Build a DevOps organization
driven by business outcomes!

Monitor all business metrics in real-time with Anomaly Detection and Predictive Analytics.

AIOps that helps you meet your SLA

Organizations are realizing the need for business driven AIOps to better their customer experience, innovate faster, and protect their bottom-line

Observability Chaos
Different monitoring tools used by the majority of IT orgs
Alert Fatigue
47% of IT Orgs experience over 50k alerts per month
Average cost per minute of downtime
Business Silos
Of organizations say the disconnect between IT and business results in significant costs.

Why DevOps innovators choose FojiSoft.

Break Down Silos

Improve alignment between IT and business

Extend the continuous cycle of DevOps to include the business's values to develop the right features faster. Improve business agility, execute strategic plans faster, and align digital transformation initiatives to business outcomes

Screening talent
Screening talent

Decrease Downtime

Improve mean time to recovery

Utilize machine learning and AI to quickly identify the severity and root causes of incidents and the necessary corrections. Measure the entire customer experience to eliminate data blind spots to resolve the incidents that hurt the business most.

Free Up Resources

Automate more, operate less

Reduce expensive toil and enhance your organization's human resources to develop and innovate new features. Utilize predictive analytics to predict probable future events that may impact availability and performance and even proactively remediate those before they become an incident

Screening talent

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